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Pro-Gun Activists Greet Obama In Oregon
President Obama is once again acting as consoler-in-chief. Obama traveled to Oregon to meet with the families of victims of last week's deadly mass shooting in Roseburg.
The President met privately with the families at a local high school for about an hour...
Obama And Putin Meet At The United Nations
There are no smiles in pictures of President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin as they met on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.
Their meeting came amid a disagreement over Russia's support for Syria in its fight against ISIS...
Pope Arrives In US Amid Much Fanfare
Pope Francis is in the United States. The Pope's plane was greeted by loud cheers from groups of invited students.
A red carpet was rolled out before the Pontiff emerged from his plane for an official welcome from President Obama.
The presidential entourage included First Lady Michelle Obama, the…
Congress Has Busy Agenda
Washington  (AP) - Congress returns on Tuesday with a critical need for a characteristic rarely evident through a contentious spring and summer - cooperation between Republicans and President Barack Obama.
Lawmakers face a weighty list of unfinished business and looming deadlines, including a st…

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