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Officials Make Final Push For Dartmouth Police Station Support
After next week, the Dartmouth Police Department will find out if they get a new home or not.
Project officials and Police Station Committee members spoke during Monday's select board meeting hoping to clear up any remaining questions on the $15-million dollar building, and to make a final push …
New Dartmouth Police Station Design Revealed
The public got their first look at the new Dartmouth Police Station design Monday night.
Project officials presented the images and other building features during the Select Board meeting.
Features of the building include an on-site fueling station, a separate utility building, and a sally port, which…
Officials Looking For Architect, Location For New Police Station
The long process of building a new Dartmouth Police Station continues on.
At Monday's Dartmouth Select Board meeting, officials gave an update on the project's status. Town Administrator David Cressman says they're still searching for potential sites to build a new station on, alo…

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