Cape Cod Ospreys
Utility officials are on the lookout for returning ospreys that nest in the cross arms of utility poles on Cape Cod.
Mass. Utilities Argue Against DPU Fines
The state's highest court has heard arguments from three major utilities seeking to overturn record penalties stemming from their response to two major storms in 2011.
The state Department of Public Utilities fined National Grid $18.7 million for Tropical Storm Irene and a rare October snowstorm…
Save Money And Stay Cool
With tempatures expected to be in the 90's all week long, NSTAR is expecting the demand for electricity to soar this week as the region deals with an extended heat wave. Here are a few tips residents can follow to keep the electricity bill down while remaining cool...
Keating Continues Criticism Of NSTAR Storm Response
Mass. Congressman William Keating says NSTAR needs to be more transparent when it comes to communicating with the general public after major storms. 
Speaking on WBSM's "More Than Just Talk" program on Thursday, Keating said he beleives the public wants more information fr…

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