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Teachers Lead NB Middle School Redesign
After previous middle school redesign plans in New Bedford failed to gain teacher support, district officials are putting the teachers in charge.
At Monday night's School Committee meeting, teacher groups from each New Bedford middle school presented preliminary plans expected to be finalized an…
No Proof Extending School Works [Poll]
Some New Bedford students will have a longer school day beginning this fall. Normandin Middle and Hayden McFadden Elementary Schools received some state grant money, hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer supported bucks. At the HayMac, kids will start school at 7:45 AM, about a half hour earl…
School Officials Seek Innovation School Designation For Normandin
The New Bedford School Department is taking steps to convert Normandin Middle School into an Innovation School, with special emphasis on subjects like science, technology, engineering, art and math.
School Department spokesman Jon Carvalho says district leaders are hoping to boost educational attainm…
Reaching Down Lifting Up
When it come to homelessness, there's no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Our community is coming together to elevate the awareness of local homelessness on Friday, October 16, from 6 pm to 6 am at Normandin Middle School with One Homeless Night ...
Create SMILES Through Mentoring [VIDEOS]
Area residents are working hard to build a rapport with local children in an effort to keep them in school through a program called SMILES (SouthCoast Mentoring Initiative for Learning, Education and Service).
Durkin Plans Forum On School Violence
Following an apparent bullying incident this month at Normandin Middle School where a student was seriously hurt, Supt. Pia Durkin is planning a forum to discuss school violence.
Durkin says an anti-bullying program is stressed in all middle schools, but schools can't do it alone...
Student Seriously Injured In Fight At Normandin
New Bedford Police have now released information about a fight involving two students at Normandin Middle School.
A teacher reported to police on Thursday she saw a 13 year old male student holding a 12 year old boy in a choke hold. The teacher yelled for the older student to release the boy, and whe…

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