Nielsen ratings

How Did Your Favorite Show Do?
The Nielsen television ratings have been released for last week and here is the Top 10:

"NCIS,"  CBS  17.11 million viewers
"Dancing With The Stars,"  ABC  15.44 million
"NCIS: Los Angeles,"  CBS  14.21 million
Is Anyone Watching the Olympics? Yes!
The Winter Olympics are in full swing in Sochi and America is watching. Here are the latest Nielsen television ratings.

Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, NBC 31.6 million
Winter Olympics Sunday Prime Time, NBC 26.3 million
Winter Olympics Saturday Prime Time, NBC 25
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106 Million People Watch Super Bowl Power Outage
The latest Nielsen television ratings were released today. I was not surpised to see that the Super Bowl was #1, but what surprised me was that they actually rated the power outage #2! Here's this week's Top 10 with the number of viewers:

Super Bowl Baltimore vs
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