WBSM Newscast Evening October 16, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Congressman Barney Frank is going to be retiring
- Fall River Police have a new tool to fight crime in the city
- Elizabeth Warren gets a big endorsement, and so does Scott Brown
WBSM Newscast Mid-Day October 16, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Elizabeth Warren gets endorsement from President Obama
- New Bedford city council still searching for a new school superintendent
- Dozens of teachers are protesting the possibility of new innovation schools
WBSM Newscast Morning October 16, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Dozens of teachers appeared before the New Bedford school committee to protest to possibility of two new innovation schools.
- New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell is very happy with the extra funding provided by AVX to clean up the river...
WBSM Newscast Evening October 15, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- New Bedford man arraigned on murder charges, held without bail.
- Governor Patrick is frustrated with the casino rejection in Taunton.
A New Bedford factory has been purchased by a Chinese company.
WBSM Newscast Mid-Day October 15, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Massachusetts gas prices have dropped
- New Bedford city hall is preparing for the presidential election. They expect a good voter turnout.
- Police in New Bedford are investigating a few weekend shootings.
WBSM Newscast Evening October 12, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Seekonk police are still looking for a man who robbed the Citizens Bank earlier today.
- Elizabeth Warren brought her campaign to Attleboro and addressed unemployment and student loans.
- Wareham police arrest four on drug charges...
WBSM Newscast Mid-Day October 12, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Governor Deval Patrick is on the road supporting President Obama's reelection.
- UMass Dartmouth professor comes up short in Nobel Prize contention.
- Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren ar eback out on the campaign trail, and getting ready for crunch time...
WBSM Newscast Morning October 12, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Extra school budget requests are now being questioned by the New Bedford city council.
- More protest at St. Johns in New Bedford as the church nears closing.
- Mayor Jon Mitchell confirms the progress of the new Southcoast commuter rail...
WBSM Newscast Evening October 11, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Many feel the Massachusetts public schools are not being funded correctly, and teachers are upset.
- Red Sox staffers help out at the New Bedford food pantry.
- More meningitis deaths are happening. Massive recall taken up, including in Massachusetts...
WBSM Newscast Mid-Day October 11, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Third Massachusetts casino proposal has come up, tis time in Springfield.
- More developments on the potential of a Southcoast commuter rail.
- A New Bedford man was shot in the backside, and suffered non-life threatening injuries...

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