5 Ways to Save Money on Your 2013 Taxes
It's hard to believe it's already the middle of tax season. 2013 is off to a fast clip, and unfortunately this means that Tax Day is right around the corner. You could bury your head in the sand until you hit April 14 panic mode, or this year you could give yourself a burst of energy and s…
Cash In On Your Gently Used Items
All of us have lots of money hanging around in our homes! Sell your gently used children's cloths, home electronics, cameras and so much more! Times are tough! You could surely use a few hundred extra dollars right after Christmas, so let's get started!
Something You Dont’ See A lot – A $2 Bill
I got one of these the other day and did a double take. I haven't seen a $2 bill in a long time. I didn't even know they were still in circulation. Of course the question now is, what do I do with it? Both of my youngest kids want it. Should I save it...

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