Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg Says He Will Not Run for President
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he will not enter the presidential race.
In an article for "Bloomberg View," he explained that in a three person race, no candidate would likely win a majority of electoral votes and that his candidacy could possibly lead to Donald T…
Bloomberg Wants To Be Remembered As An Honest Person
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending his final hours on the job after 12 years of being in charge of the nation's largest city.
Bloomberg plans on continuing to live in the city and says he wants to be remembered most as an honest person.
Texas Woman To Be Charged In Ricin Letters Scheme
Authorities in Texas now believe a pregnant actress who told FBI agents that her husband had mailed letters tainted with ricin had really carried out the scheme herself.
    The letters were sent to President Barack Obama and to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and to his gun-co…