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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Proposed In Dartmouth
Dartmouth could be the home of a medical marijuana dispensary in the not-so-distant future.
At Monday's meeting, the Dartmouth Select Board voted to provide a letter of non-opposition for a proposed facility at 350 Faunce Corner Rd, which is currently a nutrition store...
Abreu Wants New Bedford in the Medical Marijuana Game
New Bedford Councillor-at-Large Ian Abreu wants to see New Bedford get back in the game when it comes to the medical marijuana industry.
Abreu is asking the Council's Committee on Appointments and Briefings to meet with representatives of the Cannabis Society to talk about locating medical marij…
Pot’s Legal But Illegal
Even though marijuana is legal in Colorado, for both medical and recreational use, the state's Supreme Court ruled Monday, June 15th, that employers can fire workers for pot use during their off-hours, even if it's being used for medical reasons...
Ex-Congressman Resigns From Medical Pot Company
A former Massachusetts congressman says he has stepped down as president of a medical marijuana company that sued the state after its application to open three dispensaries was rejected.
Ex-U.S. Rep. William Delahunt told a meeting of The Patriot Ledger's editorial board Monday that he resigned from…
Feds Warn Against Marijuana Ties
Some Massachusetts doctors with business interests in medical marijuana dispensaries say they have been told by federal drug agents to sever all ties to marijuana companies or relinquish federal licenses to prescribe certain medications.
Marijuana Treatment For Epileptics
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says an agreement has been reached with a pharmaceutical company to look into the use of marijuana extract to treat medication-resistant epilepsy in children.

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