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What to Expect at Maureen Hancock
It may be your first time or it may be your tenth time- whatever the case, here's what you'll need to know about going to Maureen Hancock's Postcards from Heaven show on Thursday at Venus de Milo in Swansea.
Some Believe – Others Don’t [VIDEO]
Perhaps one of the reasons why some are less inclined to believe in God or an afterlife, or miracles, for that matter, is they choose to think differently. There's been plenty of studies on this. Research finds religious belief is a result of intuitive thinking...
Comedian Medium Maureen Hancock Reads Intern Kasey
Maureen Hancock is coming to the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center on June 12th for a show.  Maureen who is a medium was in the studio when she started getting messages from someone related to intern Casey.  Maureen has a gift of being able to connect with family members who have passed and…