Loretta Lynch

Carmen Ortiz To Step Down
BOSTON (AP) - United States Attorney for Massachusetts Carmen Ortiz, who prosecuted the high-profile cases of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Boston mobster James ``Whitey'' Bulger, is stepping down.
Ortiz submitted her resignation as the state's top federal prosecutor las…
Malignancy Of Clinton Corruption Reaches FBI
It's just so sad. Our beloved Federal Bureau of Investigations has now been sacked, maybe beyond repair. Next to no one believes that FBI Director James Brian Comey was unable to find charges against former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton as federal agents scoured what was left of he…
Pretending To Do Something Is Better Than Doing Nothing At All
A handful of House Democrats staged a protest in the well of the House Chambers on Wednesday to demand action on gun control measures that Republicans say would violate due process rights.
Nearly three dozen Democrats, our own Bill Keating among them,  staged a sit-in in the well of the House of Repr…
Obama To Impose New Gun Rules
President Obama is going to tighten the nation's gun rules within the next few weeks.
Several reports say the President will meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday to finalize new executive actions that will be announced the following week.
AG Loretta Lynch Calls Oregon Shooting Monstrous
U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch says she is ``shocked and appalled'' by the ``monstrous'' shooting at an Oregon community college.
Lynch made her remakes Friday in an address to the Massachusetts Medical Society where she was participating in a summit on opioid abuse...

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