Hodgson: Congressional Delegation Ordered Bianco Raid
Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson hasn't been shy about his tough stance on illegal immigration, but he wants it to be known that he's not the only one who has taken a hard line on the issue.
Hodgson appeared on Barry Richard's program on WBSM Friday afternoon, and when Richard mentioned that the…
Congressman Kennedy Warns Southcoast of Rising Energy Costs
Congressman Joe Kennedy warns of much higher energy costs in the near future.
Kennedy addressed members of the SouthCoast Development Partnership at UMass Law Friday morning, saying independent auctions for energy supplies have placed Southern New England behind the 8-ball, with speculators saying th…
Kerry Kennedy Found Not Guilty
The daughter of Robert Kennedy is not guilty in her drugged driving trial.
It didn't take long for jurors to reach their decision in Kerry Kennedy's trial in White Plains, New York.
Kennedy testified that she had accidentally taken a sleeping pill instead of her thyroid medication before cra…