James Holmes

Colorado Theater Shooter Sentenced To Life In Prison
The jury in the trial of Colorado theater shooter James Holmes is sparing him the death penalty and giving him a life sentence without parole.
The jury of nine women and three men were not unanimous today on the death penalty, leaving an automatic life sentence without parole...
James Holmes Guilty In Movie Theater Massacre
James Holmes is guilty of multiple counts of first-degree murder in the 2012 Colorado theater massacre.
The jury rejected the defense's claim that Holmes was legally insane when he opened fire in an Aurora theater in July 2012.
Twelve people were killed in the attack and another 70 were wounded..…
James Holmes Trial Begins In Colorado
(Associated Press) - A public defender says James Holmes was insane when he opened fire in a crowded Colorado movie theater in 2012.
Public defender Daniel King said during his opening statement in Holmes' trial that his client was having a psychotic break and was not in control of his thoughts,…
James Holmes To Undergo Another Sanity Evaluation
A judge is ordering the accused Colorado movie theater shooter to undergo a new pretrial sanity evaluation. 
Judge Carlos Samour said that a new team of psychologists chosen by the state will conduct the exam of James Holmes. 
The judge wrote that the new exam will look only into whether Holmes was sa…
Emotional Testimony In Hearing on Colorado Theater Shooting
The families of victims of the Colorado theater shooting sat through emotional testimony Monday from police officers who tried to save the lives of the wounded.
    One sergeant recalled during the hearing for suspected gunman James Holmes that he checked and did not find a pulse…