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More U.S. Troops Sent To Northern Iraq
The U.S. is increasing its military presence in Iraq by sending another 130 troops to the country.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made the announcement while speaking to troops at Camp Pendleton, California today. Hagel said the additional soldiers arrived in the area around the city of Erbil...
President Authorizes Air Strikes In Iraq
President Obama is authorizing targeted U.S. airstrikes if necessary in Iraq to protect U.S. personnel in Iraq.
Addressing the nation from the White House, the President said he also ordered humanitarian airdrops to help thousands of Iraqis who are stranded atop a mountain...
Advisors To Arrive in Iraq On Saturday
A group of U.S. military advisors will begin their mission in Iraq as soon as tomorrow.
About 300 special forces members will be arriving in Baghdad as Iraqi government troops appear to be slowing the advance of Sunni militants on the outskirts of the capital city...