Max the Mini Horse Gave Cole a Christmas Present
Ok, so it wasn't really the horse that gave this sweet little boy the ultimate Christmas gift, but Max's owner, Julie. Her family came together to get Cole this quad as a special thanks for his sacrifice and the kindness he showed Max.
On Saturday, Julie posted on Facebook: "E…
The Benefits of Recycling Your Christmas Tree
The Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs (MassDEP) wants you to give a gift to the earth this holiday season - recycle your tree!
If you purchased a live tree this year, simply discarding it on the sidewalk is not only wasting a valuable resource, but a create a disposal probl…
Is White Christmas Song Racist
*Video from*
I just popped 2 Excedrin to get myself through this blog about the outrageous politically correct charges that certain Christmas songs cross the line! Before I get to the latest, let's review some of the assails. "Deck The Halls," this hundreds-of-years-o…
Room At The Inn for Christmas
Remember the biblical story of Joseph and Mary, who was about to give birth, being refused a place to stay because there was no room left at the inn? That is the inspiration of a local non-profit, Mercy Meals and More, to open its warm place to welcome anyone who seeks a roof over their head, a bite…
‘Comical Christmas Photo’ Gone Wrong
Hannah Hawkes Photography is facing some serious backlash after posting this photo on their Facebook page. What was intended to be a 'comical Christmas photo,' is turning into a controversy over sexism. Critics claim the photo "perpetuates 'violence against women&ap…
Cash For Unwanted Gifts
What do you do when you end up with a Christmas gift you really don't like or want? After you thank the giver and say how thoughtful it was, how about cashing it in for money, as in cash! Without having to trek back to the store and making a return, eBay will gladly help you out.
Living Elf on the Shelf Now Available
An unidentified Boston-area man has taken the "Elf on the Shelf" Christmas tradition to a new--a far, far creepier--level.
In an ad posted five days ago on the Boston Craiglist page, the man posted the following:
For $100/hour I will come to your holiday party dressed as the Elf on the Shelf…
Starbucks Controversy Returns
Whatever happened to "Eat, drink and be merry?" Starbucks actually discontinued the festive Christmas cookie back in 2010, but it's making the rounds on social media again.
This cute polar bear is supposed to be wearing a festive little scarf around his neck to keep him warm, b…

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