Cruz Drops Out After Big Loss in Indiana
MetroSource News - Ted Cruz is suspending his race for the White House.
The Texas senator made the announcement after being beaten soundly by Donald Trump in Indiana.
Cruz's decision to drop out leaves Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in an even better position to secure the Republican preside…
Trump Dominates Indiana Primary
WASHINGTON (AP) _ Donald Trump will collect at least 45 delegates for his victory in Indiana, putting him on a solid path to clinch the nomination and avoid a contested convention.
There are still 12 delegates left to be allocated.
Trump needs to win just 43 percent of the remaining delegates to captu…
GOP Epic Fail at Saturday’s Debate
Dr. Ben Carson needs to take some lessons on making an entrance from Johnny Carson.
Carson bungled his introduction on to the stage for Saturday night's Republican debate, the final meeting of the candidates face-to-face before Tuesday's New Hampshire primary...
Chapman Declared GOP Congressional Nominee
Post by John Chapman.
The Associated Press is reporting that Chatham attorney John Chapman has won the Republican Party's nomination to take on incumbent Democratic Congressman Bill Keating in the ninth Congressional District race...
Scott Brown to Speak in New Hampshire
Former Massachusetts U.S. Senator Scott Brown will be the keynote speaker at the New Hampshire Republican Party event later this month.
There has been widespread speculation that Brown will run for the GOP nomination to challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen next year...

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