Can Somebody PLEASE Explain Gender-Neutral To Me?
I'm not afraid to say it. I don't get it.
Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender. I get all of those. While I don't necessarily agree with some of them, it's clear to me that it's one gender or the other.
So what on Earth is gender-neutral...
GEICO Settles Discrimination Lawsuit
Auto insurance giant GEICO will pay out six-million dollars over a discrimination lawsuit.
GEICO was accused of discriminating based on gender, education level and people's jobs when setting rates for customers.
As part of the lawsuit settlement, GEICO also agreed to end discriminatory practices, and …
Facebook Goes Gender Neutral
24/7 News Source - Facebook is giving its users a new way to identify themselves.
You can now simply fill-in-the-blank when it comes to your gender.
The update is a part of Facebook's efforts to expand gender identity. Facebook initially gave up to 58 pre-populated options for someone to ide…
Do We Need A Gender Neutral Easy-Bake Oven?
Planning on going Christmas shopping this weekend?  If you are shopping for the kids look at some of the gender specific items being sold.  One item that has popped up in the news this week is Hasboro's Easy-Bake oven and it's color and who they target advertising to.