Thank A Firefighter
Today is International Firefighters Day, a well deserved recognition of the men and women who have the guts to do what most of us would not do, enter a burning building to recuse a total stranger, or a dog.
Firefighters, like most public servants are often the target of criticism because they earn th…
Cape Cod Man Found Not Guilty in Death of Firefighter
BARNSTABLE, Mass. (AP) _ A Cape Cod jury has acquitted a man of all charges in a December 2014 crash that killed an off-duty Westfield firefighter.
Paul Dennehy of South Yarmouth was found not guilty yesterday of motor vehicle homicide while operating under the influence of alcohol and other charges …
Barn Fire Injures Fairhaven Firefighter, Totals Harley Davidson
An electrical fire in Fairhaven destroys a structure and injures a firefighter.
Officials say just after 9pm Saturday night, Fairhaven Firefighters were called to 161 Alden road, where they found a small storage barn on fire. The building was completely destroyed, along with the contents inside...

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