[RICHARD] The News Biz In The Post O’Reilly Era
Cable news is about to change forever.  After the disastrous coverage of the 2016 national campaign we knew this day would come.  I doubt many suspected the change would begin with the unceremonious ouster of the reigning king Bill O'Reilly...
Phil Reads Mean Tweets
WBSM just hit a major milestone with 5,000 Facebook likes. But don't forget that we're on Twitter too! Just take a look at all the nice Tweets people have posted about us lately!
Agree to Disagree Post-Election
Now that Election Day is over, it's time to repair those damaged friendships. Social media friendships during the campaign season suffered to the point that some Facebook users unfriended those who had opposing political views! Aren't your friendships worth rekindling...
Stop & Shop Hoax – Richard
In case you haven't heard by now, everything on the internet is not legit! Seems a coupon for a popular supermarket chain that has been circulating on-line is proof of that.
The Massachusetts-based Stop & Shop has issued a statement warning Facebook users to avoid a $75 coupon that&…

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