Watch Man Show How Animals Eat Their Food (VIDEO)
My daughter got up from the table during dinner the other night, went to the computer and said, "You guys HAVE to see this video!" She said they watched it in class this week.
 I thought it was funny, but had to wonder why this came up in class...
The HapiFork Will Help You Eat Slower
The Consumer Electronics Show is going on in Las Vegas and while you might think it's all about tablets, apps and flat-screen HD tv's (there's plenty of those) you cal also see the HapiFork. Check it out:
So, if you think it's a great idea, I just found out the HapiSpoon is now in…
How To Avoid Germs When You Go Out To Eat
Vacation time is here and you get to spend time with the family and friends and I bet you will be going out to eat a couple of times.  I'm here to help you to avoid germs and keep yourself health when you do.