I Felt The Earth Move Under My Feet
It was Tuesday evening, February 11 at about 5:45 pm, just as I was getting to the good part of MA Senate President Therese Murray saying she was not happy with the state's healthcare connector website, when, BOOM, a hollow and large bang sounded and the floor under my feet transferred the …
Earthquake Confirmed In Southeastern Mass.
A small earthquake has been felt in Southeastern Massachusetts, but no damage or injuries are reported. 
The U.S. Geological Survey reports the 2.4 magnitude quake hit at 5:46 p.m. Tuesday and was centered about 1.8 miles below ground in Dartmouth's Bliss Corner area...
Large Quake a Real Possibility on Southcoast
Thursday's earthquake was less than a footnote in seismic history, but it certainly has people talking.
The 1.9 magnitude quake was felt throughout New Bedford, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, and other Southcoast communities.
Dr. John Ebel, a geophysicist at the Weston Observatory at Boston College say…
Greater New Bedford Rocked By Earthquake
Update 12:19pm:
A minor earthquake has struck southeastern Massachusetts, but there were no immediate reports of damage.
John Ebel, a senior research scientist at Boston College's Weston Observatory, said the earthquake that struck seven miles north-northwest of New Bedford just before 11 a…
Earthquake Shakes Mexican Capital
A seemingly strong earthquake is shaking Mexico's capital.
There is no immediate word of damage or casualties and seismologists have not yet issued a calculation of its power or epicenter.

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