OPINION | Barry Richard: MA Dems Stall $15 Minimum Wage Bill
If legislation to raise the minimum wage in Massachusetts to $15 an hour is not enacted in coming weeks there will be plenty of people to blame and they are all Democrats.  A bill to increase the minimum from the current $11 has been languishing in committee all year and is facing a rapidly app…
OPINION | Barry Richard: Is Joe Kennedy Presidential Material?
Does simply being a Kennedy still win you political support in Massachusetts the way that it once did?
While I admit the thought that Congressman Joe Kennedy III might have a better than even chance of winning the Massachusetts Governor's office should he desire it, has crossed my mind but …
[RICHARD] America Is At War…With Itself
There can no longer be any doubt that the second American revolution is underway.
Members of the majority party came under armed attack in Virginia this morning.  66 year old James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois travelled to Virginia where he opened fire on a group of Republican lawmakers and others who h…

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