city on a hill

City On A Hill Charter School Picks New Bedford Location
The City on a Hill Charter School has finally announced where its New Bedford school will be located.
Officials have signed a five-year lease for a building at 384 Acushnet Avenue, where Artworks was formerly housed.
According to assistant Director of Development Marissa Burgess, more than 100 ninth g…
Students Win The Lottery For Charter School
Over 100 students were selected to attend the newest charter school to open up in New Bedford. Officials of the City on a Hill Charter School pulled the names of 128 8th-graders Thursday afternoon during an admission lottery at the Whaling Museum...
Mayor, Others Question City on a Hill Charter School Proposal
Mayor Jon Mitchell questioned the effectiveness the proposed City on a Hill Charter School would have on students in New Bedford.
The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education held a hearing in the city Thursday night, and listened to the opinions of officials and concerned resid…