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Carney Wants More NB Residents Hired For City Jobs
Incumbent City Councilor Naomi Carney wants to see more New Bedford residents hired for city jobs.
Carney told WBSM's Brian Thomas, she believes there's plenty of talent in New Bedford, qualified to hold important positions.
"My question is has the City done the proper outreach…
Coelho Upbeat About New Bedford And Green Energy
Incumbent City Councilor Deborah Coelho says the city should be recruiting and investing in green energy companies to boost the economy and create jobs.
Coelho told WBSM's Brian Thomas, New Bedford has a lot to offer and is doing a good job of reaching out...
Councilor Wants Crackdown On Prostitution
City Councilor Deborah Coelho wants police to step up enforcement on prostitution in New Bedford.
She tells WBSM's Brian Thomas, she and other City Councilors have seen prostitutes gather and approach cars in the North End.
She believes addiction is fueling many of these prostitutes...
Morad To Continue Pressing School Officials For Answers
Members of the City Council aren't happy about the latest communication from the New Bedford School Committee.
The Committee wrote the Council a letter this week, asking that they respect the boundaries of the school board, and that any concerns be sent directly to the Superintendent...