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Councillor Dunn: Current Marijuana Law Ignores Will of Voters
NEW BEDFORD - New Bedford Ward Three City Councillor Hugh Dunn is looking to safeguard his constituents from undesired marijuana shops.
State law currently allows medical marijuana dispensaries, like Beacon Compassion Center under development on Hathaway Road, to transition to full-blown retail …
North End Councilor Jim Oliveira Will Not Seek Re-Election
Ward One City Councilor Jim Oliveira will not be a candidate for re-election this fall.
Oliveira has served six years as the Councilor for the far North End, but now he says its time to move on.
"I'm getting a little bit older and I have other personal preferences I want to attend to...
School Committee Approves FY18 School Budget
Despite seeing multiple cuts in next year's budget, New Bedford officials say student won't see any loss of services.
During Monday's meeting, the New Bedford School Committee reviewed the latest version of the FY18 school operating budget, and passed it with a 5-2 vote...

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