Couple Crashes ’12 Charger, Arrested on Drug Charges
A New Bedford couple is arrested after leading police on a chase following a traffic stop.
According to police, Detective Shawn Robert was conduncting an investigation into a cocaine delivery service, and had obtained arrest warrants for the pair who were allegedly making cocaine deliveries in their …
Wareham Man On Drugs Crashes Car, Breaks Into Home
A Wareham man faces arraignment today after leading police on a drug-induced car chase.
According to Carver Police, 25-year-old Garrett Callahan was spotted by police doing drugs in his car when he sped off at about 7pm last night. Callahan had run two stop signs and crossed lanes before crashing int…
Foreclosed Homeowners Can Still Cash In
 Former Massachusetts homeowners who lost their property to foreclosure between 2008 and 2011 only have a few days to file for their share of a settlement with some of the nation's largest lenders.
 About 21-thousand people are estimated to be eligible to receive between 15-hundred and two-thousand d…