Center for Sustainable Fisheries

NOAA: Stock Assessment Process To Change
The director of NOAA's Northeast Science Center at Wood's Hole says the agency's decision to use commercial fishing boats in the future to carry out surveys of fishing stocks is an attempt to build "greater shared confidence" in the survey results...
New Group Enters Fishery Management Debate
A new organization says its ready to enter the debate over fisheries management. 
The Center for Sustainable Fsheries, based in New Bedford, held its first meeting Thursday in Narragansett, Rhode Island. 
The meeting was attended by two dozen stakeholders, including fishermen, processors and…
Center For Sustainable Fisheries About To Launch
A new organization, committed to finding ways to help solve the crisis in New England's Commercial Fishing Industry, is about ready to begin its work. 
The principals behind the Center for Sustainable Fsheries plan a formal "launch" later this month...