car accidents

Daylight Savings Time Brings Drowsy Driving
As we remember to turn the clock forward this weekend, you'll be interested to note that aside from bringing an extra hour of daylight, Daylight Savings Time also brings increased fatigued driving that's a major factor in crashes.
Revolutionary Technology Will Greatly Reduce Car Accidents
Imagine saving millions of lives by avoiding car crashes! I lost my dad in a terrible car accident, so when I heard this news, I immediately became interested. The future will soon be here with innovative 'vehicle to vehicle' communication, that will reduce car accidents by 80%, according …
Teen Drivers Are Getting in Fewer Accidents
State officials say the number of accidents involving newly licensed teenage drivers has dropped by half since 2007 when Massachusetts boosted the amount of training required of young drivers and stiffened penalties for traffic infractions...
The Top 10 Cities with the Worst Drivers
Allstate, which insures about 10 percent of the nation's drivers, has released its 9th annual report on traffic accidents, analyzing claims for 195 cities between January 2010 and December 2011 to determine how likely it is that a driver might get into an accident.