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The Finest Hours True Story [VIDEO]
This is a true story of the most amazing rescue that occurred off Cape Cod that you probably never heard about! As residents of the South Coast, we are all too familiar with at-sea rescue stories. But, in The Finest Hours, a bestselling book co-authored by my on-air guest Casey Sherman and soon to b…
Area Postal Carrier Harassed
WBSM has many regular listeners in Falmouth and when one contacted me about a bunch of belligerent wild turkeys who like following a postal carrier, I had to share it with you!
These turkeys are known for their antics, like disrupting traffic, posing for photos and even having their squabbles with ea…
Infant Death on Cape Cod
The death of a one-month-old in Sandwich is turning heads this morning. State Police and the Cape Cod District Attorney’s office are investigating into the death, but initial statements from the DA's office claims there are no obvious signs of trauma...
Cape Cod Insane Inflatable 5k Photo Gallery [PHOTOS]
Were you at the Insane Inflatable 5k in Cape Cod this weekend?  More than 2,100 people bounced, slide and jumped across our crazy insane obstacle course on Saturday having some of the most fun they've ever had- even in the rain!.   Check out some of our photos from the event.

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