Farrell Returns As Red Sox Down BC And Northeastern
FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell returned
to the dugout for the first time since revealing his cancer
diagnosis in mid-August, and his team opened exhibition play Monday
with a 6-0 win over Boston College and an 8-3 victory over
Cancer From Pizza Boxes?
Pizza boxes function as something that you can store pizza in and open up to serve to family and friends. However, the latest news is that pizza boxes are now toxic.
Jimmy Carter: Cancer Is Gone
Former President Jimmy Carter says the cancer in his brain is gone.
The 91-year-old Carter made the announcement today at a Sunday School class he was teaching in Plains, Georgia.
He told the congregation that when he went to get an MRI exam this past week, they didn't find any cancer at all...
Cancer Strikes Solder Family Again
New England Patriots offensive tackle, Nate Solder played the entire 2014 season after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. He beat it, thanks to early detection. Unfortunately, he found out some heartbreaking news about his infant son in October...
What’s Shakin’ Bacon
Move over cigarettes, alcohol and asbestos. It's not new, but the World Health Organization has come out with the declaration that  bacon, hot dogs, red meat, sausage and processed meats are responsible for those cancer cells. The most recent study suggests that inflammation and cancerous …
Lights On for Evan [VIDEO]
The Daily Mail reported a Christmas miracle like no other. Evan Leversage's mom, Nicole Wellwood, heard the news no mother ever wants to hear; "Her son's cancer had grown and spread to other parts of his brain - despite numerous rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treat…

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