Boston Robbery Suspects All Wearing GPS Devices During Crime
BOSTON (AP) _ It didn't take Boston police long to track down three suspects in an armed convenience store robbery.
Authorities say the men were all wearing court-ordered GPS devices for unrelated cases, which placed them inside the Dorchester store and allowed investigators to track them to an …
More On General Electric’s Move to Boston
General Electric was offered a list of incentives to relocate its corporate headquarters to Boston.
That's according to a memorandum of understanding between GE and state and city officials released Wednesday to The Associated Press and other media outlets following a public records request...
GE Moving Nearby [VIDEO]
The planned announcement tomorrow that General Electric Co. is moving its global headquarters to Boston will have a positive impact on the South Coast. The new headquarters could employ as many as 800 people. Communities around here, with beautiful housing at affordable prices, stand to do well...

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