Koczera Proposing Bill Requiring Boating Safety Course, Licensing
If people need to take safety courses before driving a motor vehicle, then one State Representative thinks boaters should have to do the same.
State Representative Robert Koczera of New Bedford is pushing for legislation that would require all motorboat operators in Massachusetts to undergo a safety …
Two People Launched from Cigarette Boat in Fairhaven
Fairhaven Police and the Harbormaster are investigating after a speedboat accidentally launched two occupants from the deck.
The Harbormaster says the boat caught a wave at a bad angle, causing the man and woman to go overboard. The Harbormaster says speed may have been a factor...
Beyonce Goes Yachting in 6.5 Inch Stiletto’s
Unless you're Beyoncé, most folks wear Top-Siders or just sneakers when boating around. The diva was photographed walking the plank wearing $1,600 Azzedene Alaia high heels that put her 6.5 inches above sea level, on her 32nd birthday on September 4th.