New England Braces For Blizzard
24/7 News Source - The blizzard hitting the Northeast could be the most dangerous storm to hit the region already covered in snow. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is telling people to stay off the roads.
Baker also reminded people to clear snow off of their roofs once the storm has passed t…
Yeti Spotted In Boston Blizzard
The monster storm in Boston has brought with it another monster _ a yeti.
The white, furry phantom has been getting laughs by walking through the blizzard in a sasquatch suit.
One was spotted in downtown Copley Square. Another was sighted trying to hail a cab in suburban Somerville...
List Of Shoveling Help
Do you need some help shoveling after this storm or do you know somebody that does? Take a look at our list of people that are willing to lend a hand. You can sign up here if you need somebody to come clear the way for you.

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