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OPINION | Barry Richard: MA Needs Political Revolution In 2018
Massachusetts voters have an opportunity to really shake things up this Fall by opting for change rather than the status quo.  Are we up for the task?  I am worried that we are not.
Our liberal policies that make doing business here as difficult as anywhere in the nation are the things that…
OPINION | Barry Richard: Hey Congress, Get Back to Work!
President Donald Trump and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are locked in an increasingly bitter, public dispute over the progress (or the lack thereof) on advancing Trump's agenda.
Trump was elected last Fall by the so-called forgotten men and women of middle America becaus…
Pretending To Do Something Is Better Than Doing Nothing At All
A handful of House Democrats staged a protest in the well of the House Chambers on Wednesday to demand action on gun control measures that Republicans say would violate due process rights.
Nearly three dozen Democrats, our own Bill Keating among them,  staged a sit-in in the well of the House of Repr…
Congressman Bill Keating Files Naloxone Bill
There's bipartisan legislation on Capitol Hill that would encourage physicians to co-prescribe the life-saving drug naloxone, otherwise known as narcan, alongside opioid prescriptions.
The bill was filed by Mass. Congressman Bill Keating and Republican Rep...
Keating Praises Supreme Court Decision On ACA
Congressman Bill Keating welcomed the latest ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that upheld a section of the Affordable Care Act that provided taxpayer subsidies for low-income residents in nearly three dozen states that have not set up health insurance exchanges.
Bill Keating Wins Re-Election In 9th Congressional District
Democratic U.S. Rep. William Keating has won his re-election bid, defeating Republican challenger John Chapman in Massachusetts' 9th Congressional District.
After last year's Boston Marathon bombing, Keating pushed for an amendment to encourage stronger intelligence sharing among federal, s…

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