Mime Through Time [VIDEO]
This video has hit over three million views in less than two days! Sketch SHE is a female comedy trio that describes their channel on YouTube as "Brazen, bold and audacious bringing you a mixed bag of characters and chaos!"
Shae-Lee, Lana and Madison are very talented at lip-sync st…
Beyonce Goes Yachting in 6.5 Inch Stiletto’s
Unless you're Beyoncé, most folks wear Top-Siders or just sneakers when boating around. The diva was photographed walking the plank wearing $1,600 Azzedene Alaia high heels that put her 6.5 inches above sea level, on her 32nd birthday on September 4th.
Beyonce Lip-Synching National Anthem
On Monday, Beyonce did an amazing job with the National Anthem at the Inuguration in Washington. Tuesday we first heard the reports that she did not sing live, but lip-synched.
Nearly three-quarters of people taking a poll with Access Hollywood said "it's a big deal...