Bernie Sanders

CNN With Own Collusion Baggage, Struggles To Link Trump/Russia
For CNN, a cable news network that is striving, if not obsessing to bring credibility to Washington, rumors that Trump got help in the elections from the Russians, they should recall their own horribly unethical conspiring. Last fall, Wikileaks intercepted emails proving that former campaign manager…
Baker’s Popularity Slides But Not By Much – Richard
The Bay State's U.S. Senators continue to enjoy decent voter approval ratings, as does Governor Charlie Baker, however Baker has slipped from first to third in terms of the nation's most popular governors.
The website Morning Consult says Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is now the thir…
Snowflakes Remain Intolerant To Differing Points Of View
Some six dozen angry, young folk gathered in Boston on Wednesday to protest a campaign appearance by presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, some suggesting that Trump is intolerant.  And they're not?
It's unfortunate for America's "snowflake gene…

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