Report: US To Send 400-Plus More Troops To Train Iraqis
The Obama administration is about to announce that the U.S. will send more troops to Iraq to boost the training of local forces.
Officials say it's a response to recent setbacks at the hands of the Islamic State militants, and to Baghdad's appeals for more help...
Armed Drones Flying Over Baghdad
Even though armed U.S. drones have been flying over Baghdad, a defense official emphasizes that President Barack Obama still hasn't authorized airstrikes against Sunni militants.
The official says a handful of Predator drones armed with Hellfire missiles are being used to protect U...
Advisors To Arrive in Iraq On Saturday
A group of U.S. military advisors will begin their mission in Iraq as soon as tomorrow.
About 300 special forces members will be arriving in Baghdad as Iraqi government troops appear to be slowing the advance of Sunni militants on the outskirts of the capital city...
Withdrawing Troops From Iraq Was Wrong [OPINION]
Two years ago, President Obama assured us that al Qaeda and its affiliates had been decimated and no longer posed a risk to the international community. The explosion of insurgency in recent days in Iraq seems to prove that statement wrong.