Alcohol Consumption By Americans Is Way Up
Thanks to women, Americans are drinking alcohol much more heavily now than in the past.
A study out Thursday in the "American Journal of Public Health" says more people now are considered heavy or binge drinkers than in recent years.  The rise in excess drinking is credited to …
Watching The World Cup — Thumbs Up
I haven't seen much of the World Cup tournament, just a game here and there.  But on Tuesday I did have the chance to watch the entire Belgium-USA contest and honestly, it was a joy.  Here's a recap of my experience:
00:44  USA Goalkeeper Tim Howard made the first of his 16 s…
Americans Number One In Wine Consumption
The United States is knocking off France as the world's biggest wine market.
Americans consumed about 766-million gallons of wine last year, nudging France into second-place.  However, France is still tops when it come to per-person consumption...
Americans Killed In The Philippines Typhoon
The U.S. State Department is confirming at least two Americans are among hundreds killed in the Philippines typhoon. 
The Philippines' government count of the dead stood at over 17-hundred as of Tuesday but that number is expected to grow. 
Americans Are Living Longer
A new study finds we are living longer.
Researchers at the University of Washington found Americans are living about three years longer than they did 20 years ago.
Few Americans Eat Three Balanced Meals a Day
Americans don't have the best eating habits. Only 18-percent of the respondents in a new Vitamin Shoppe survey say they have three balanced meals every day of the week, while most people only average three square meals a day four days a week.