OPINION | Barry Richard: We Can Beat Back Rising Gas Prices
Gas prices are rising quickly, despite increased production here at home.
The average price per gallon of gasoline has exceeded $2.70 per gallon nationwide, and is expected to increase as the warmer months approach. That has prompted experts to predict more families will be forced to take "s…
Dartmouth Retains AAA Bond Rating
There's some good news for Dartmouth. Standard and Poors Rating Service has reaffirmed Dartmouth's Triple-A bond rating.
Town Administrator David Cressman says the Triple-A rating has a positive benefit for town residents. "It means that when we issue these bonds, some of which have a term of 20…
Busy Roads This Holiday Season
This Holiday season a lot of people will be heading out to spend some time with family and friends and that will mean congested roads.
AAA is predicting that more than 96 million Americans will be traveling more than 50 miles from home and most of them will be traveling by car...

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