Still No Verdict In Aaron Hernandez Trial
The Aaron Hernandez murder trial is done for the day.  Jurors in Massachusetts were unable to reach a verdict Monday and will continue deliberations tomorrow.
Last week, they put in full days on Wednesday and Thursday before being dismissed early on Friday...
New Charges Against Hernandez Associates
A Bristol County Grand Jury has returned separate indictments bringing new charges against two of the alleged associates of former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez.
The Bristol County District Attorney's Office says the indictments were handed down late this afternoon, and charge Carlos Orti…
2013’s Most Incredible and Most Inconceivable Stories
I chose a green light - red light story of the year, as my two nominations for year end head turners. One of the most miraculous stories reported involved Odjegba Okene, the 29 year old Nigerian cook who survived three cold, dark days in a shipwreck that had capsized and sank to the bottom of t…
Good Riddance to 2013
Did you experience some bad times during 2013? Maybe at work, school or at home? Would you like to say goodbye to their memory? Welcome to Good Riddance to 2013! Inspired by a Latin American tradition in which New Year's revelers stuff dolls with pink slips, copies of divorce papers, parking tickets…
New Movies Releases – May 2013
The month of May 2013 kicks off the summer blockbuster season for movies, and there are lots of reasons to get your butt to the ice cold multiplexes, which always crank the AC to Arctic levels in the warm months. Take in a shoot 'em up, a big budget actioner or a comic book flick.
What Are Your 2013 Predictions?
I'd much rather hear your predictions for 2013! Anything goes; local, national or international issues, the economy, sports, politics, science, movies, inventions, stock market, hurricanes, Supreme Court, etc.