2012 election

2012 Election Day: Obama Wins Second Term
UPDATE 11:20: The networks have announced that Barack Obama will be reelected to a second term, after wrapping up the state of Ohio.
The 2012 presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will finally conclude tonight, as voters head to their local polls to choose who gets to sleep in th…
Massachusetts Voters Head To the Polls Tuesday
A feisty campaign season in Massachusetts is speeding to a close with voters facing a slew of decisions, from picking a president and senator, to deciding the fate of ballot questions and electing members of Congress and the Legislature.
It’s Not Okay To Talk Politics At Work
Do you talk about politics at work? According to a new survey for careerbuilder.com, 66% of workers don't show their political affiliation. 28% think they need to keep it a secret  as to whether they are democrats or republicans.

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