District Attorney's offices around the state are being buried with legal challenges to drug  convictions where chemist Annie Dookhan was involved.

Authorities say Dookhan may have falsified up to 34,000 drug tests while working at the crime lab in Jamaica Plain.

In Bristol County, up to 4,000 cases may be challenged. Bristol County D-A Sam Sutter is joining other prosecutors from around the state in seeking more funding from Governor Patrick and the Legislature to handle the load.

What makes it so tough says Sutter, is that Mass. prosecutors are already among the lowest funded in the nation.....

Sutter says what happened at the crime lab was a "fiasco."  Dookhan is facing charges of obstruction of justice.

Boton Mayor Thomas Menino has already asked the Governor for $15 million to deal with the potential release of hundreds of prisoners in Suffolk County.