Super Sunday is just around the corner, and you are having a party, even though your team is not in the game. 

The Superbowl is more than just a football game, it is an event!  We get together with our friends and stare at the big screen, laugh at the commercials, watch some of the game, but the most important part of your party is... The FOOD!  A Superbowl party can make or break you, this is the day to throw the diet to the wind and eat all the junk you want!

If you host a party and all you have is celery and carrot sticks you are in trouble!  For this party to rock you need to get down and dirty, I'm talking mounds of Buffalo Wings, bags and bags of potato chips, Doritos, pretzels and any other crunchy food that is bad for you!  Then for the main course you need to have something you will feel guilty about eating, like a meat filled pizza or lasagna or some other pasta and cheese dish or if you can afford it some big juicy steaks cooked on the grill at half time, if you don't want to watch Beyonce'.

We are not done there my friend, no, no, you can't forget dessert, you need to have everything from cookies to ice cream and cake and any other sweet you just wouldn't eat on any other day!

This is the Superbowl after all a national holiday where we feast on junk food!  After all of that lets hope that you have enough energy to hit the gym on Monday! Oh, yeah, don't forget to buy tons of antacids, you will need them so will your guests, I suggest you put them out on a coffee table in a candy dish!  Enjoy the game and may the best team win!