This time of year many optometrists start seeing a lot of patients suffering from sunburned eyes! And if you wear sunglasses that don't provide enough UV protection, you can still fall victim. Some sunglasses use misleading phrases like "absorbs UV" or "sun blockers" to disguise the fact that they don't provide adequate protection.

One of the best tips is to wear wide-brimmed head gear. It's both fashionable and functional when it comes to protecting eyes from the harsh sun. Sunglasses are a must! Consider sunglasses SPF for the eyes. When shopping, look for lenses with both UVA/UVB protection, which will help reduce the risk of burning your retina, cornea or the delicate skin around the eyes.

Moisturize your eyes with lubricant drops when you are in rooms with air conditioning or fans. These simple tips will help improve your eye health and protect your eyes from sun and outdoor/indoor elements. Be sun-wise with your precious eyes.