This week is Stop On Red week, designated by the National Coalition for Safer Roads.

I know, designated weeks for this ailment or to prevent that bad behavior happen so frequently, we can't remember one week  or the other.  But certainly, Stop on Red is a message just about everyone can relate to.

According to the Coalition, there are more people "running red lights" because of distracted driving.  There are laws in many states banning texting while driving; some states even regulate the use of cell phones.  Those laws however seem to have little effect on drivers.  You and I see people every day use phones while they drive, and yes, some are texting.  It's called distracted driving, people!

The National Coalition for Safer Roads conducted a test two years ago, analyzing 118 intersections across the country over a three-month period.  Using those findings, researchers concluded there were 7.3 million red light violations in 2012 caused by distracted driving.  Seven-point-three million!

It has been said over and over again, but the numbers show we can't say it enough:  put down the phone and pay attention to the road.  Most of us are guilty.  This week would be a good week to change our ways.