It was not a happy first day of school for Ken Walsh and his family in New Bedford. Walsh's six year old daughter is a type one diabetic, and per her doctor's orders, she needs to attend a school with a full-time nurse on duty.

There was a full time nurse last year at the Winslow School, where Walsh's daughter attended classes. But because of budget cuts, the number of full time nurses in New Bedford Public Schools was reduced.

There is no longer a full time nurse at Winslow, and the principal told the Walsh family on Tuesday, their daughter could no longer attend school there. Ken Walsh tells WBSM News, he's not happy:

Walsh says he's already talked to members of the School Committee about the situation. He says he and his wife purchased their house in the West End so his kids could attend the Winslow School.

He wants to work out a plan with school officials to keep both his son and daughter at Winslow, while providing his daughter with the medical care she needs.

Supt. Dr. Pia Durkin says Assist. Supt. Heather Larkin is working with the parents on a transition plan.