I had a great time this morning hosting the show, as I always do. I love listening to the different points of view that you, the listener, have to offer. I'd like to think that we're teaching each other something every Saturday morning. That being said, I was very surprised to hear about a connection between the Council pay raise ordinance and the submission of a position for a Director of Tourism within the city. Ward 3 Councilor Henry Bousquet called in at 7:45 to promote the Operation Clean Sweep that took place in his part of the city this morning. While I had him on the line, I put him on the spot and asked him why he voted to override the Mayor's veto and increase the salary for City Councilors. He said the ordinance also included the approval of  a Director of Tourism position, one that I agree is much needed in this city, as we have many gems that are passed by without a second look every day.

Henry also mentioned the Council's attorney, David Geratowski, advised the council to include that position within that ordinance. In my view, these are two very different matters that should have been taken up in separate ordinances, but were lumped together for some reason. Henry admitted that if it weren't for that inclusion, he would have voted against the pay raise.

My question for you: Was the inclusion for the Director of Tourism position in the pay raise ordinance used as a scapegoat for councilors, as a means of justifying the pay raise?   Comment below, and thanks for listening!