Still no official winner in the election for a seat on the Fairhaven Board of Health. 

Challenger John Wethington was declared the winner by three votes on election night,  but two subsequent counts of ballots showed incumbant Peter De Terra ahead by two votes. 

A recount Tuesday night that dragged on for four hours had De Terra winning by one vote, 1,229 to 1,228. 

However, because of questions raised by Wethington's attorney Ann Denardis, election officials decided to delay certifying the outcome, and will meet again Wednesday night to address the so-called irregularities. 

De Terra's attorney, John Markey Jr., thought the best course was to certify the outcome of the recount.

Peter De Terra said he believes he's the winner. 

Asked if she would go to court to challenge the election, Attorney Denardis said "we haven't finished the process yet...its one step at a time."