Movies allow us to escape our everyday lives and experience something out of the ordinary. Horror films in particular serve as something we'd never actually want to experience personally, but still don't mind viewing through the celluloid eyes of fictional characters. But sometimes, there's a true story behind the scares, and that can lead to a horror that goes beyond the horror movie.

Ask any of the residents of 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York in the days since the Lutz family moved out and made the house famous--the hauntings might end, but you never have your house to yourself.

We in the paranormal world call it "legend tripping," and it's about thrill-seeking more than research. People love a good scare, and when they find out where one can be had, they want to go there an experience it for themselves.

That's what is happening right now to an elderly couple who live in the house made famous by the smash hit film The Conjuring. The former home of the Perron family has been under the ownership of the Sutcliffes for the past 25 years, and they've never experienced anything remotely paranormal. But now, their property is under siege by legend trippers who stalk around the grounds day and night, hoping to get a glance of a ghost or spot a spirit. They call the Sutcliffe's phone number at all hours, asking for permission to come in and "ghost hunt," and all this is taking a toll on the aging couple who are already in declining health. The added stress isn't helping, not to mention the impact it's having on the local police force, who are forced to patrol the 80-plus acres on a regular basis, drawing resources away from where they might be really needed.

From the current owner's Facebook page:
I am the current owner of the Perron home. I want the public to know We have nothing to do with the movie Conjuring made no money and not associated to the Perron story. We have love this home for 25 years never had a negative experience. Now we are besieged. By thrill seekers trespassing threats of breakiins and harassing phone calls we are an older couple and our health And safety is threatened Warner Bros New Line Cinema does not care how this effects us and refuses to help this is a preserved historical site and should be respected. Please pass this on the all your Facebook and twitter friends thank you

I don't even want to link to this newspaper article, because it reveals too much information that could allow others to find the location of the house. Already, some idiot in California has posted the Sutcliffe's phone number and address on a YouTube video, one that the paranormal community is clamoring to have removed from the video site. But I will link to the paper anyway, because only through Norma's own words can you understand just how hard this has been for her and her husband.

The Woonsocket Call story on the Sutcliffes

So please, go out and see The Conjuring. It's a masterpiece of horror. But leave the story in the theater, where it belongs.