A few teens in Worcester have found themselves in some serious trouble after being caught with $148,000 of stolen money.

According to the Mass. State Police a trooper on duty noticed a blue Subaru traveling at a high rate of speed, and also making motor vehicle infractions. It was at that point he decided to investigate further.

When the Trooper put on his lights to pull them over, the vehicle went off an exit near by, and accelerated faster. The car then crashed, and the four people inside took off on foot. One of the people who took off on foot was 18-year-old Jabriel Nabulsi, and he was carrying two shopping bags with a lot of cash in them.

Mass. State Police

Nabulsi told police that he stole the money from a parked car in Worcester. he was then arrested, along with 17-year-old Karla Ocasio and Michael Tisdell, also 17. A juvenile male was also arrested.

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